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Liam O'Nelly - Hetaera Chromia by Mupyeong
Liam O'Nelly - Hetaera Chromia

Name : Liam O'Nelly
Age&Birthday : 17; 02/26
Gender : Male
Hexadecimal     Primary : #6200ea
Secondary : #ff3d00


Grade : 1
01 ATK || 03 DEF || 03 AGI || 02 INT || 01 SPD || EXP : 00
Enhancement : [DO NOT FILL OUT]
Missions : 0
Kills : 0
Partner : [DO NOT FILL OUT]
Strengths : Trapping, Improvised Weaponry, Combat in complicated Terrain
Weaknesses : Open fields, Hand to Hand combat


Height : 182cm / 6'0
Weight : 75kg / 165pounds
Personality : Calm, Talkative, Extrovert, Flirtatious, Forgetful, Evasive || Very calm at the core person but still manages to be outgoing and engaging, mostly by conversation, be it scientifical or of a more flattering manner. Despite his large plethora of knowledge he still manages to forget even the easiest things. One of the things he tends to forget are personal matters, although in this case it is because of his evasiveness. Can be found to lie about his personal backgrounds if asked by multiple people.
Likes : Books, Geology, Physics, History, Trapping, Beef Jerky, Anatomy
Dislikes : Perfume, Open fields, Goopy food, People touching his hair
City : Corvus
Orientation : Bisexual
Medical Record : Hetaera Chromia, BKA (Below Knee Amputation), Psychological Distress and Anger issues in connection to his Amputation and hair in the past, Concussion at the age of 8.


History : Liam O'Nelly, as a Child of Colour, has been taken from his mother's deathbed directly into Kindergarden despite a seemingly unwilling father, a natural reaction considering he was the first (but not the last) child of his. His life was uneventful if not for the visits of his father that, as the years went by, left him with distress. Visitations were forcefully ended after a seemingly normal conversation escalated with physical violence directed at him by his father from which he took a severe concussion. Ever since then, he would not have people touch the back of his skull which lead to matting of his hair, whereas the front remained normal. A year later he lost his leg in a climbing accident. Breaking a bone, the area soon infected due to unknown reasons and lead to necrosis, which was quickly followed by an amputation to avoid blood poisoning and septic shock.
Present : Due to intense therapy and rehabilitation measures he became a rather calm young man. Mostly uninterested in seeking out unnecessary dangers and prefering to tinker with his traps. He has an obsession with reading books and finding ways to use his environment to his advantage.


## Has several birthmarks on his stomach and right thigh.
## Will eat anything he can get his hands on.
## Prone to sleeping in closets and beneath couch cushioning.


## None yet

I, the creator and author responsible for this character, hereby grand HetaeraChromia and its moderation permission to :
a_ Kill my character, if an event should call for it.
✔ Inflict injuries on my character that will result in loss of a limb or digit
✔ Inflict injuries on my character that will cause lasting scars.
✔ Impose bodily modifications on my character, such as tattoos or piercings.
✔ Transform my character's body in ways not otherwise specified.
✔ Afflict my character with an illness.
✔ Injure my character superficially.
✔ Write my character in to key events.
✔ Draw my character for key events.


Favourite genre of music: Everything that doensn't make my ears bleed

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jelw7 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hot damn
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Hast du schonmal mit Copics gearbeitet? Die fändest du sicherlich auch richtig nice^^
AuldBlue Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hi hatte dich gestern auf dem Japantag getroffen und wollte mich nur nochmal melden.
ShinyAltaria Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012
You are tagged here: [link] :D
akichama Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You got me stuck on homestuck. Verdammt! Einfach genial 8D
MoritaTsubaki Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav :heart: >w<
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